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Markets & Applications


Thread Rolling Dies from Mayes & Warwick

Rolling dies are produced for all market sectors that are being fed by the Global Fastener manufacturing industry. These industries include:
Bullet Automotive
Bullet Aerospace
Bullet White Goods
Bullet Computer
Bullet Construction
Bullet Mobile Phone
Bullet Energy Generation including wind power
Bullet General Engineering.
Aerospace Fastener
EJOT Thread Rolling Dies
MAThread thread rolling dies
Taptite thread rolling dies
Lockbolt thread rolling dies

Knurl Wheels & Engineers Chasers from Mayes & Warwick

Knurls and Chasers are made for all market sectors of manufacturing. Their applications are numerous and the industries served include:
Bullet Automotive
Bullet White Goods
Bullet Medical
Bullet Cutlery
Bullet Computer
Bullet General Engineering
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